I’m sure you already know but a good booster does not hurt!

The diet strongly influences the health of your skin and helps you to keep a beautiful skin in all circumstances.

Skin aging can come from 2 different processes:

 Linked to the genetic inheritance: relaxation of the skin with appearance of more or less deep wrinkles

 Linked to lifestyle and certain environmental factors (pollution, sun, …)

To slow skin aging, it is possible to follow some simple tips daily. You will tell me, yes, we know but what are the specific food habits to be preferred?

Here are some tips that can make a difference in the long run :

Eat so-called “protective” foods rich in antioxidants such as carotenes (orange, yellow or red fruits and vegetables: apricot, carrot, squash, sweet potato…), foods rich in omega 3 (fish, cod liver oil, nuts), and vitamins A, C and E (green vegetables, fish, fruit, seeds, vegetable oils).

Choose fresh organic vegetables and fruit.

Otherwise, some foods should be banned from your diet

  • Alcohol slows down collagen production and the skin becomes less elastic
  • Tobacco dries the skin
  • Coffee increases your heart rate and therefore stress, which causes premature aging.
  • Sugar that increases the aging of the body

We can never repeat it enough, but drinking plenty of water is extremely important to have a hydrated and balanced skin.

As you will have understood, to keep your skin young, you must favour a healthy diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins.