You too have panicked in recent days by seeing the amount of hair left on your comb or your brush? What are the causes ?

It’s quite normal, rest assured.

Hair loss is a natural and obligatory process to the proper ecosystem of the scalp. Up to 150 hairs fall from our head every day. In the autumn, this process is accelerated, and you can lose up to 4 times more hair than usual.

This is a normal phenomenon which is explained by the fact that after the summer – and therefore following a more pronounced exposure to the sun and high temperatures – the hair reaches the end of its life and falls.

Although this is natural and normal, some factors can make the fall worse and cause holes in the head.

Deficiencies: If you have deficiencies of vitamin B, and minerals you can be subject to more significant hair loss.

Stress and fatigue: if you are stressed and do not sleep well, you may experience a greater drop in your hair during this period.

Hormones: yes, the rules, pregnancy and / or menopause are several factors aggravating the hair loss sometimes up to a pronounced alopecia

How to slow down the fall of his hair?

Have a diet rich in vitamin B, which will have an important role for hair renewal (prunes, carrots, mushrooms, …)

Consume amino acids found in hard cheese, present in some fish and meat

We do not skimp on iron in lentils, egg yolk and almonds to nourish your hair

We promote maximum nights of 8 hours of sleep to allow our body to recover.

We enroll in Yoga or Pilate classes to relieve the stress of the day and bring ZEN home.

One or two massages a week of the scalp: this will strengthen the blood flow and flexibility of the scalp to promote the regrowth

We avoid products that too much hair to not smother the scalp.

Favor the loose hair or soft hairstyles: the phenomenon of traction on the hair will also favor their fall

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