Patients today demand treatments ever lighter, without downtime, quickly done between two business meetings and offering the same efficiency as heavier treatments. The 100% French ORIGIN laser is getting to our rooms to meet their expectations! It is an Erbium glass laser with a 1550 nm wavelength.

 What makes it unique?

It works deep into the dermis while preserving the epidermis upper layer through 70µm diameter micro wells – the finest available on the market at the moment – through direct activation of the fibroblasts to stimulate the collagen renewal. Unlike other lasers (CO2 or Erbium YAG), its water absorption coefficient is lower, and it is micro-fractioned. The downtime will thus be limited as well as the side effects. It may be used on all phototypes and at any age.


Photorejuvenation, skin radiancy, pore as well as light to moderate wrinkle reduction can now be treated. With this laser it is also possible to perform a medical blepharoplasty, treat acne scars as well as all types of hypertrophic and atrophic scars. ORIGIN is also effective on pigmented lesions and melasma on the body but also on stretch marks.


  • Pregnancy
  • Skin lesions, including cancerous lesions
  • Tanned skin or any recent sun exposure

What happens during a session?

Once the treatment zone has been thoroughly disinfected and a topical anaesthetic cream applied 1 hour before, we pass the laser beam over the entire zone. The number of passes depends on the required treatment. The device offers an “expert” mode that allows a very precise treatment program through the on-board technology. Post-treatment is fairly simple: moderate redness for 48 hours or slight scabs. If we work on the eyelids, an oedema for 48 hours is normal. We end the treatment with a mesotherapy treatment appropriate to the indication and a LED session to reduce the inflammation. We always strongly recommend using a sunscreen after treatment. This protocol offers a totally personalised treatment according to the patient and a “one-to-one” approach. The number of sessions depends on the etiology and the patient’s wishes and is between 1 and 6 at 4 weeks intervals.


Through the ORIGIN laser we are now equipped with a versatile non-ablative laser with personalised protocols.

Andréa Vincentelli
Centre Esthetica 2B – Bastia 

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