Nowadays, patients demand treatments ever lighter, without downtime, quickly done and with no skin breaking. The 100% French Origin laser has been designed to meet your expectations !

The Origin laser helps you from your acne scars to your first signs of skin aging. It will give you a feeling of wellbeing and self-confidence.

Origin is a fractioned Erbium glass laser that releases a 1550 nm wavelength. The laser emits micro-beams that penetrate deep into the skin while retaining the superficial layer to reduce visible side effects. The laser energy activates the cellular renewal and promotes collagen and elastin production.

Your skin then regenerates, looks younger and is more even and radiant.

Origin offers the finest laser micro-beams on the market: only 70 µm diameter! The holes are so small that they are invisible to naked eyes and are not skin breaking so there are fewer side effects than other aesthetic medicine techniques while staying very effective.

The Origin laser is a concentrate of new technologies. This laser is connected and equipped with artificial intelligence so you can offer scalable and personalized treatment during your sessions.

Origin laser’s action on the skin

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The Origin laser offers customized treatments and is suitable for all phototypes and all ages.

Discover all the skin and anti-aging Origin treatments.

A customized method.
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The Origin concept offers a treatment that fits your expectations, your desires and your needs.

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